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"Cynthia made my life much easier as an actor through her exhaustive search helping me land with an agency without sacrificing my time and energy. Money well spent." 


"My daughter would never have gotten into modeling and acting as a career if it were not for Cynthia Monique at BE A PERFORMER".  I did not have the time and was afraid of exposing her to the vices of Hollywood.  However, Cynthia did all of the paperwork, resume, and mailings for a reasonable fee.  She knows who to contact and who to avoid.  She followed through after the initial mailing.  This follow through resulted in my daughter getting an agent (Network International Model & Talent Agency) in Beverly Hills.  Her career is progressing beautifully, and I can't believe how easy Cynthia made it!


I met Cynthia Monique in 2010 due to a referral from a business owner in the Antelope Valley area. I wanted to get guidance from a professional counselor in the entertainment business. I contacted Cynthia and she was very helpful, gracious and understanding of my needs in trying to pursue an acting career as a mature woman with just a little experience.
Cynthia Monique gave me the the right tools to start exploring the possibilities of finding the photographer, acting coaches and an agent.
After my counseling sessions, she followed up with me on numerous occasions, making sure I was moving in the right direction to achieve my goals. Because of her guidance, I have really great head shots, I found amazing acting classes and a good agent.
I have gotten voice over work and a couple of commercials and will continue to use the advice she has given me to keep moving forward in my quest to obtain acting roles.
I would recommend Cynthia Monique's "Be A Performer" company to anyone who needs help in pursuing an acting career.

Actress Gracelyn Connor


Ashley Toft- Network International Model  & Talent Agency
Briana Johnson- Allensworth Entertainment
Marquise Ferette-Bicostal Talent & Literary Agency, Inc.
Heidi Selexa- Beverly Agency Inc.
Joy Hughes- Mademoselle Model & Talent Agency
Lynn Conners-Valmaur Agency
P. David Miller-Malaky Internatinal
Taylor Greenwood-Appletini Talent Agency
Ashley Barco-Midwest Talent

In addition,  congratulations  to our client Lynn Connors who just worked on her first voiceover job with the Valmaur Agency.

We hope you can find everything you need. BE A PERFORMER is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

BE A PERFORMER is a service that teaches you everything you need to know to work in the Entertainment Industry as an actor, model, dancer, singer and voiceovers. We offer one on one private sessions and workshops. For workshop information for your organization or business, please fill out and submit your information on our Contact Us page. Thank you.

In our one on one sessions (for one on one private sessions prices vary), we will do the following for you:

Assist in finding the right agents for you.
Find good photographers for your 8 x 10 pictures (if desired by the client).
Compose your resume.
Assist you in composing cover letters to agents.
Teach you what you need to know about 8 x 10 pictures.
Teach you how to market yourself as a performer.
Give you guidance on what to do on auditions.
Assist with mailing submissions to agents (client covers the cost of postage, not included in the consultation fee).
Teach you how to submit packages to agents for adults, infants and young children.
Teach you about job supplementation for performing artist (if desired by the client, for adult clients only).
Direct you to acting classes (if desired by the client).
Direct you to dance classes (if desired by the client).
Connect you with private vocal coaches/lessons for children & adults.
Direct you to voiceover classes and studios to get your demo reel done (for clients interested in getting an agent for voiceover work).

Other services provided for an additional cost:
1. Mailings to Casting Directors for tv, film, and commercials (client covers the cost of postage, not included in the fee for mailings).
2. Upload your picture and resume to LA Casting and Actor's Access.
3. Resumes only.
4. Entertainment workshops for various organizations and businesses.

For an appointment or more information, please fill out the form on the Contact Us page.

Thank you.

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