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BE A PERFORMER is not an agency. We are a Consultation Service and we help our clients of all ages to get agents to work in TV, film, commercials, theater, print, modeling, dance and voiceovers. BE A PERFORMER is now nation wide and we can help performers get agents in any state. And we are starting to get international inquires from performers in countries like the UK. 

Here are what satisfied customers are saying:
"Cynthia made my life much easier as an actor through her exhaustive search helping me land with an agency without sacrificing my time and energy. Money well spent." 
"My daughter would never have gotten into modeling and acting as a career if it were not for Cynthia Monique at BE A PERFORMER".  I did not have the time and was afraid of exposing her to the vices of Hollywood.  However, Cynthia did all of the paperwork, resume, and mailings for a reasonable fee.  She knows who to contact and who to avoid.  She followed through after the initial mailing.  This follow through resulted in my daughter getting an agent (Network International Model & Talent Agency) in Beverly Hills.  Her career is progressing beautifully, and I can't believe how easy Cynthia made it!

After meeting with Cynthia I knew I was in great hands. She not only listened to what I was focused on but who I truly wanted in my corner as an agency. After years of trying to do it all myself and being overwhelmed with little to no results, it was truly a joy to really have to do nothing in a sense. Cynthia not only helped me to create a fantastic cover letter but she included me in the process. Attentive, informative and detail oriented...everything I was looking for, Cynthia was and is. Agencies that never called me in the past, have called and want to sign me. I love this journey and I have Cynthia Monique to thank profusely. I will always recommend her services to anyone that needs results. Levin Agency, Coast to Coast and now Gage...they keep coming in and each one wants to rep me after my meetings. Couldn't have gotten here without Cynthia and her keen eye to really know what's going in this business.
Leilani Smith-Actress SAG/AFTRA

BE A PERFORMER WORKS. Here is a list of some of our satisfied clients we have placed with agencies:
Ashley Toft- Network International Model  & Talent Agency
Marquise Ferette-Bicostal Talent & Literary Agency, Inc.
Heidi Selexa- Beverly Agency Inc.
Joy Hughes- Mademoselle Talent Agency
Lynn Conners-Valmaur Agency
P. David Miller-Malaky Internatinal
Taylor Greenwood-Appletini Talent Agency
Ashley Barco-Midwest Talent
Leilani Smith-BRS/Gage
Kenneth Morgan-Clear Talent/Midwest (Manager)
Oded Yousef Kassier- Allensworth Entertainment
Shannon Melton- KMR (Kazarian Measures Ruskin)
Leilani Wyatt- Mavrick Artist Agency & Osbrink
Nicole Wade- Susie Young, Talent Manager (Maryland)
Tony Willams- Innovative (New York Office), Dorthy Day Otis (New York Office), Access (New York, for voiceovers)
Matthan Harris- Malibu Artist Agency
Nathan Paul- M.O. Artist Agency
Brian Tucker-Mademoselle Talent Agency
Dynesia Gray-Momentum Talent Agency
Kole Boyd- Models on the Move Acting & Talent (New Jersey)
Jeff Bower- M.O. Artist Agency

In our one on one Private Consultation Services here is a list of the services we provide.
Assist in finding the right agents for you and your type.
Find good photographers for your 8 x 10 pictures (if desired by the client).
Compose your resume (or revised resume for advanced talent).
Compose cover letters to agents.
Teach you how to market yourself as a performer.
Do mailing submissions to agents (regular mail and email submissions). The client covers the cost of postage, not included in the consultation fee.
Teach you about job supplementation for performing artist (if desired by the client, for adult clients only).
For beginner voiceover clients refer you to voiceover classes, and direct you to studios to get your MP3 made.
For advanced voiceover clients that already have an MP3, submit you to agents for possible representation.
Other services provided for an additional cost:
1. Upload your picture and resume to various websites for performing artist ie, Actors Access, Frontier Casting, Casting Networks.
2. Resumes only.
3. Entertainment workshops for various organizations and businesses.
For an appointment or to sign up for our upcoming workshop and more information, please fill out the form on the Contact Us page.

Thank you.

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